The Gradmonk Philosophy
Who are monks, and how do they impact our lives? They’re enlightened individuals possessing an altruistic way of life. They put the world before themselves. And guide mortals to the right path. Now, to the students seeking education abroad, what if we told you there is a monk, doing the same for you? Yes, Gradmonk possesses the vision of providing guidance and support to students aspiring to graduate from universities abroad. True to its name, Gradmonk makes sure they’re not just led, but handheld at each step of their abroad study process. Gradmonk is more than just a name; it’s a philosophy of excellence through enlightenment.
About Gradmonk
Pitchman Edtech Ltd t/a Gradmonk is a fully owned subsidiary of Associate Management Systems ltd t/a Back2study. Back2study continues do deal with UK Domestic students while Gradmonk Deals with International students.
Gradmonk helps aspiring students to find a way to a bright career by helping them to secure admissions in top universities across the world based on the student’s profile and preferences. Our services include professional and critical counselling to understand our student’s needs; and further helping them in shortlisting universities followed by end-to-end application to admission process right to the point of them getting their visa. Gradmonk helps students to get admission to top universities across UK, Australia, Canada, USA, and Ireland. We have assisted more than 12,000 Students get admissions into their preferred universities and colleges.
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