The Indian National Students Association (INSA) UK is the single largest Indian student community in the UK that operates for the welfare of Indian students in the UK. INSA being a non for profit organisation is run by like minded volunteers who thrive to provide quality support to Indian students in the UK. The body has over 100 volunteers relentlessly working for this common objective at any given time and has a strong presence in over 40 UK universities.
INSA organises a series of networking events to benefit the students throughout the year which includes welcome dinners with the Indian High Commission, visit to the British Parliament, meet and greet at different universities, seminars and talks with industry experts, politicians, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs etc. It also hosts job fairs and networking events that benefit the Indian students in many different ways. It  works very closely with the Indian and the British government to ensure the student voices are heard and are given the importance they deserve.

Our CEO Parin Shah represents INSA UK and works in the Core National Team of INSA leading the Corporate Partnerships and Student Support wing. He has been mentoring the Indian Societies at Brunel, Imperial, Westminster, Queen Mary university.

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