Non-native English speakers who want to study abroad take TOEFL.The TOEFL exam is structured to test candidates' English language skills. Test takers must comprehend the pattern and material before preparing for the exam. This will help them plan their TOEFL preparation and score well.

TOEFL Pattern

Number of Questions
Time Duration
30-40 questions
54-72 minutes
28-39 questions
41-57 minutes
10 minutes
4 tasks
17 minutes
2 tasks
50 minutes

Reading > Listening > Speaking > Writing is the TOEFL exam order.

TOEFL scores vary from 0 to 120, with each exam section scoring 0 to 30.

The first two exam sections require a 10-minute pause. Test takers can stretch, walk, eat, and drink during the interval.

TOEFL Reading Section
Section Duration: 54 - 72 minutes
Number of Questions: 30 - 40 questions
Three or four reading comprehension chapters are followed by 10 questions each. 700-word passages.

What are the Skills Measured?
The reading component measures candidates' English reading skills and academic topic comprehension. It also measures their ability to comprehend and respond to university-level instructional content and passages. Reading passages feature several question types.

Following are the question types that appear in the Reading Section: 1. Factual Information and Negative Factual Information
2. Inference and Rhetorical
3. Reading Vocabulary
4. Sentence Simplification
5. Insert Text
6. Prose Summary

TOEFL Listening Section
Section Duration: 41 - 57 minutes
Number of Questions: 28 - 39 questions

What are the Skills Measured?
The listening component tests the exam taker's ability to comprehend and evaluate English lectures and conversations.

The listening abilities are tested along the following lines: • Listening for basic comprehension
• Listening for pragmatic understanding
• Listening for synthesizing information

In this segment, test takers will hear recorded English lectures and dialogues, thus it's important to understand its components:

TOELF Listening Lectures
Number of Lectures: 3 - 4 lectures
Lecture Duration: 3 - 5 minutes
Number of Questions: 6 questions per lecture

TOELF Listening Conversations
Number of Conversations: 2 - 3 conversations
Conversation Duration: About 3 minutes’ long
Number of Questions: 5 questions per conversation

TOEFL Speaking Section
Section Duration: 17 minutes
Number of Tasks: 4 tasks

What are the Skills Measured?
The goal of the oral examination is to gauge the candidates' ability to communicate effectively in a university setting through the use of English. It consists of exercises that are meant to simulate circumstances that may arise in a student's academic, professional, or social life.

The 4 speaking tasks in the section are divided into the following Question Sets: Question 1: This is a Free-Response Speaking Question. Here, the applicants will be asked to share their thoughts and experiences on a topic they know well.
Questions 2 to 4: Integrated Speaking Tasks make up this group of questions. The questions here focus on events happening on campus and the content of various classes. In this portion, applicants are evaluated across three domains of the English language: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and oral communication. Each test taker is given between fifteen and thirty seconds to think about their answer before beginning to record it. Their answers can be as lengthy as 60 seconds.

TOEFL Writing Section
Section Duration: 50 minutes
Number of Questions: 2 questions

What are the Skills Measured?
The candidates' ability to organise and communicate their thoughts in writing at a level acceptable for university study will be evaluated in the writing portion.

There are 2 broad tasks in the writing section which are explained hereunder: Integrated Writing Task: Examinees are asked to read a brief passage and listen to a brief lecture recording for this section of the examination. After hearing both the reading passage and the lecture, examinees must then compose an essay answer. This activity will take 20 minutes to complete.
Independent Writing Task: Participants are asked to share their thoughts and experiences on a specified topic in the form of an essay. This activity has a 30-minute time limit. Overall, the TOEFL Exam Pattern and Syllabus are carefully thought out and constructed to evaluate a candidate's command of the English language. In addition, both artificial intelligence (AI) and trained humans (human rates) evaluate each test-taker's answers. Since this is the case, the test results can be trusted. A thorough familiarity with the TOEFL format and curriculum is also recommended prior to the development of a study strategy. They'll have a much easier job keeping track of study time and locating relevant materials. In order to get the score, they want, pupils should maintain practising and strengthening their fundamental English language skills.

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