Why Gradmonk?

Our Free Career Counselling is based on our ethos of professional career guidance where you will have a 45 to 60 minutes session with our Expert Career Counsellors. These sessions are usually conducted at our offices or online via video conferencing.

We are Gradmonk

Our counsellors suggest courses based on your preferences, aspirations, background, job market etc. Sometimes students are quite inclined towards the courses they are passionate about without realising that the course or the career might not be as rewarding based on their profile or previous work experience. On the other hand, you might want to get an insight from an experienced professional who has knowledge and know how about the job market. On request our counsellors may also be able to arrange a session with someone from the industry to seek their views before choosing the course.
Students returning to education after a long gap are clueless with respect to the application process and the coursework as they do not have anyone to assist them. Our counsellors and the case workers are well versed in these applications. They also help the students in finding a course in which the coursework is manageable and not too difficult to complete, especially for students with considerable gaps in education.

Why Choose Us?

Our counsellors have all the information related to Student Finance and will assist you in the best possible way to avail Student Finance in order to study the course. Gradmonk has tie ups with banks who provide education loans and we can help you get financial assistance through them as well. Based on your profile, we can also see if you are eligible for any scholarships from the university or otherwise. There are many scholarships provided by universities across countries and our counsellors will check your eligibility and provide options to you based on your course and university preferences. Be rest assured. Our counsellors will guide you right through to the end till we file your visa. Gradmonk has got your back.​​

Know Everything about studying in Top Study Abroad Destinations

Choose Gradmonk as your educational companion and unlock a world of opportunities for study abroad. Our commitment to your success goes beyond the application process. We provide ongoing academic support, helping you excel in your studies and achieve your goals in your study abroad journey. With Gradmonk by your side, you can confidently pursue your dreams and embark on a transformative educational experience.
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